It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Sekan team.  Our company was started in 1967 with the following objectives in mind:

1.  Profitably grow our company with equity to members, customers, distributors, suppliers and stockholders.

2.  Provide a wholesome work environment with total commitment to integrity and high moral values.

3.  Help members find job satisfaction and develop their full potential.

4.  Produce a high quality product and service and continually perform beyond the expectations of our customers.


Our original goals have not changed; however, our industry has become extremely competitive through the years.  To operate profitably and remain in business today, we must continually improve our service to our customers (both internal and external).  Therefore, Sekan has developed the following "Vision Statement"


The Golden Rule: Intent

Sekan will "Do unto others as they would like to have us do unto them."


In the coming years, the degree to which we are able to focus on the needs of our customers, members and suppliers will determine the level of success we achieve.

The management of Sekan is dedicated to the principles of continuous improvement, member empowerment, teamwork and cooperation.  I hope that you are looking forward to contributing and being a part of this team.  Hopefully, your association with Sekan will be rewarding and enjoyable.


Sincere Regards,





Donald Banwart


Happy printing!

Don Banwart


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